Barrel Blowing Presses

Patent pending with application no.2013/08605 in our name for this product. Legal Proceedings shall be initiated for unauthorized uses.

Operation of blowing unit is quite rapid and simple and prepared in compliance with the facility work flow. 1 worker works at this press, which is manufactured to provide safety and protection against occupational accidents and allows the operator to work with a semi-automatic mechanism comfortably, without getting tired. Operator opens the front cover of the press, places the barrel onto the round base located in the press with the barrel's small tap closed and the large tap open, and then the valve flange located on upper side are lowered via the foot pedal located on the floor to ensure that the barrel is pressed between 2 flanges, and meanwhile the valve located on the upper flange comes to the position to feed air into the barrel through the large hole without letting any air to escape out.  A soft rubber shim is attached at the end of this valve and an air hose is attached on top of this shim.  After this, operator closes the barrel cover with the help of a rod, and then performs the blowing process by using the remote control located in the other room, and then discharges the air in this barrel again with the remote control, goes to the press location and opens the press cover, removes the pressed barrel with the help of the foot pedal. 

This foot pedal is driven by a small motor installed onto the press, so this operation takes very little time.  This device has 2 foot pedals, the right pedal is used for pressing and the left for removal of the barrel.  Since both hands of the operator shall be occupied during working, pressing process has to be performed by using these foot pedals.  Another important point her is controlling the press remotely during air feed.  The press is located in one room and the remote control in another room, so the hazard risk is eliminated.  Blowing of 1 barrel tales approximately 1 minutes.  If you increase the number of presses, you can further decrease this time down to 1 minute, and with only one single operator!!!

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