Barrel Hole Check Unit

Barrels arriving at this unit are tested under water by applying low levels of compressed air. Barrels are pressed against the mechanism installed in the water tub; a cylinder bearing a second weigh exists on top of the cylinder full of water which is located next to the tub, the cylinder with the weight ascends and descends with the help of a motor driven belt. While this cylinder feeds pressure to the part full of water as it descends, it transfers the water in the adjacent chamber into the pressed barrel within 4 seconds and the barrel is immersed in water; since the barrel inside contains air pressure, air bubbles would come out of any holes existing on barrel surfaces, then such points shall be marked for further appropriate processing.

The barrel pressed inside this tub can also be rotated manually on its own axis. Thus, the barrel surfaces can be thoroughly checked and intactness can be tested. Upon completion of this process, water is drawn back to the other container, the barrel is removed from the press to be replaced with the subsequent one.

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