Barrel Washing Unit

Patent pending with application no.2015/07263 in our name for this product. Legal Proceedings shall be initiated for unauthorized uses.

All barrels incoming from hot liquid cleaning material tank and vertical and horizontal rinsing units are processed with internal and external washing in this unit.  External washing is a confined process in a closed box, without splashing any water to and contaminating the surrounding areas.  Barrels are first washed with hot water and then rinsed with clean water.  During these two separate processes, the water used in each process never mixes with each other and drained through separate channels.  Similarly, no water is splashed outside and no contamination occurs during internal washing as well, water is drained and removed through separate paths.  This washing unit can be manufactured with a barrel capacity of 1-2-3-4 etc., which, of course, is implemented according to the facility size.  This unit consumes water as economically as possible, otherwise you would end up with water accumulations.

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