Hot Barrel Painting Unit

Patent pending with application no.2013/06930 in our name for this product. Legal Proceedings shall be initiated for unauthorized uses.

Each barrel arriving in this unit are cleaned and refurbished in the best possible way; the barrels are rotated horizontally in this paint cabin to implement the painting process.  You can paint barrels in one single or in multiple colors within this pain cabin. For instance, 5 different colors can be used on one single barrel where the barrel bottom can be painted in white, while the top can be yellow and the 3 lateral stripes in 3 different colors.  Furthermore, measures required for health protection of paint workers is considered to the tiniest detail; high suction aspirator located on top of the paint cabin filters through suction the vapor rising from the hot-painted barrels and moreover, water flowing through the pipes providing water flow all around from the top corner captures the escaping excess paint droplets. High efficiency is ensured since the barrels are painted in a very short time - in only 18 seconds. The painted barrels are pushed with a slight manual force and dropped onto the levered table located outside the cabin, and from this point they are put down onto the conveyor band at vertical position.   And on the conveyor belt, they are taken to storage to be stacked.

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