Hot Liquid Cleaning Material Tank


Patent pending with application no.2015/06255 in our name for this product. Legal Proceedings shall be initiated for unauthorized uses.

Barrels coming from Leaking Unit are directed to their flow directions according to the materials contained inside. Some of these barrels are sent to the hot liquid cleaning material tank. This tank is build in accordance with the facility size; for instance some can take up to 18 barrels while others can take max. 8 barrels. Barrels fed into this tank in a row made up of pairs, go to the other end by rotating and removed from the tank at that point. Barrels coming out of this tank are thoroughly and completely cleaned.

In some barrels, dried out materials such as alkyd etc. may not be cleaned well enough; such barrels are directed to one of the rinsing machine, either the horizontal or the vertical. This hot liquid cleaning material tank also works automatically and processes 1 barrel in approximately 1.5 minutes. It takes 1 or 2 operators to run the tank.

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